February 2014


Today, we continue exposing and learning from common divorce mistakes.   4. Failing to learn from mistakes.   What did you do wrong in your relationship? What could you have done better? What lessons do you want to take to any relationship you form in the future?   It can be both challenging and rewarding […]

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Whether you caught your wife cheating with an ex-boyfriend, or you and your wife have “called it quits” after 14 years together and four kids, you want to approach the divorce process mindfully to protect your assets, shield your kids and make life easier for everyone. Here are 5 common mistakes that many men make […]

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What Happens After You Win Your Child Custody Fight – Part III

by Dinnebier & Demmerle on February 25, 2014


Today we’ll address two more critical ideas that will help you make time spent with your kids more meaningful, educational, fun and spiritual.   Resist the urge to “re-partner” quickly for the sake of the kids.   Many newly divorced people feel incredible pressure to re-partner — i.e. to start dating or get married — […]

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