June 2014

divorce lawyer Irvine

One of the dangers of going through a divorce while you’re trying ride out a sickness or injury is that you might feel helpless and fail to meet needs for control and autonomy. Even if you can “outthink” your problems and find people to meet your crucial needs in the months to come, you still […]

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Tustin California divorce lawyer

How can you manage a California divorce (or child custody matter) if you are sick or laid up in the hospital? Short answer: you need to “outthink yourself.” Assuming that your mental faculties are still descent, you can accomplish a lot, even if you can’t move that much. Maybe you only have an hour a […]

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divorce lawyer orange county

Perhaps you suffered a horrible illness that put you in the hospital — and your wife told you that she was leaving you, right before you went in for surgery. Or maybe you have been struggling with a mental illness, like depression or bipolar, and your husband decided that he “can’t handle it anymore,” and […]

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