June 2014

divorce attorney orange county

Are you embroiled in a California divorce or separation while raising small children? If so, you face unique challenges regarding managing your time, money and psychology. Obviously, there are no easy, one size fits all solutions. But, hopefully, this series has given you some ammunition (i.e. strategies and tactics) to make your situation more bearable […]

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Santa Ana divorce lawyer

Even if you manage to find enough time and money to “grind through” the California divorce, child custody, and child care process, you might find the stress and strain quite withering. How can you manage these events, psychologically, so that you don’t wind up depressed, overwhelmed, fatigued and constantly frustrated? Unfortunately, there is no simple […]

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divorce attorney Tustin

The process of getting divorced in California – while simultaneously taking care of young children – can challenge your financial savvy to its very limits. You face the prospect of your assets being halved (and then some) by the divorce. You also need to figure out how to pay for child care, food and other […]

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