Child Custody and Visitation

Paternity determination and fathers’ rights

by Dinnebier & Demmerle on October 1, 2014

“We are family” is not only the title of a memorable song from the 1990s. It’s also a phrase spoken or thought by nearly everyone at one time or another. But what defines “family?” Is it always defined biologically? Or is “family” a term bestowed on people or friends that provide love and support throughout […]

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Is Timing Everything When Getting Divorced With Kids?

by Dinnebier & Demmerle on July 23, 2014

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If you’re confused about whether to get divorced — and you’re hesitating because you don’t want to hurt your kids or you’re just confused about what the right decision is spiritually, financially or emotionally — here is a pretty interesting “hack” to gauge your gut intuition.   Why bother consulting your intuition? Shouldn’t you soberly […]

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What Are the Concerns of Getting Divorced If You Have Kids?

by Dinnebier & Demmerle on July 22, 2014

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As you ponder the effects of a potential divorce on your children, you would like to be able to predict what life would be like in the future, depending on what decision you make.   Obviously, in an ideal world, you would like to be able to run an experiment and watch how your life […]

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