Family Law FAQ

Q. How much will a divorce cost me?
A. Attorney fees will vary from case to case. To a large extent, the cost of your case is a function of the complexity of the issues, the level of cooperation between you and your spouse, and the attorneys you retain. Contrary to the general public’s perception, not every case is a “blood bath.” At Dinnebier & Demmerle, we strive to handle each case in a cost effective manner. This includes helping you weigh the benefits and costs of settlement versus litigation.

Q. Why wouldn’t I choose mediation over the court system?
A. It is always wise to explore the settlement of any issue pending before a court. You can do this through negotiations with your spouse and/or his or her attorney directly.

Q. What should I look for in selecting an attorney to represent me?
A. Every attorney has a different personality and style. While it is not absolutely necessary that your attorney match your demeanor, it is important that you are comfortable with whomever you retain. It is also important that he or she is competent and experienced with respect to the issues that you are facing.

Q. Why do I have to litigate my case if I want to settle?
A. Litigation arises when two parties cannot reach an agreement to resolve their issues and have to turn to the court system for resolution. To determine whether or not a case has to be presented to a court, it is important that you are provided with an objective understanding by your attorney as to the probable outcomes of your case. From there you can explore and evaluate various settlement positions with your spouse and weigh those against the likely outcomes and costs if you proceed to trial. Generally speaking, many cases can be resolved in a favorable manner without proceeding to court. However, there are occasions when settling a case will provide you with a less preferred result. Ultimately, resolving a case is your decision. It is our job to advise you of the pros and cons of your position and then guide you through the process to help you make wise decisions.