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Resolution-Oriented Divorce Law Services in Tustin and Orange County
Dinnebier & Demmerle offer family law services specifically in the area of divorce.

Our services are flexible, cost-effective and resolution-oriented. We seek to obtain that to which you are entitled by divorce law in the shortest time possible, while upholding the highest level of ethics. We handle all types of family law matters from the simplest non-contested divorce, to complex custody cases, to cases involving high net-worth individuals with issues concerning support, business valuations, and other substantial assets regarding prenuptial agreements. You will find that our attorneys are familiar with, and knowledgeable about, local dissolution, financial matters, and custody procedures in divorce, and are well-respected in the legal communities of Tustin and Orange County by both lawyers and judges.


How We Work – Recognizing the Difficulty of Divorce

We recognize the difficulty of divorce and the financial, social and emotional challenges it presents here in Southern California and the surrounding Orange County area. In such trying times, you need a qualified divorce attorney who can effectively represent your interests.


The Complexities of Divorce and Family Law Matters

At Dinnebier & Demmerle, we help clients navigate through complex family and divorce law complexities, which can be the most significant emotional event and financial transaction of their entire lives. Many divorce attorneys market themselves as being aggressive. While such an approach can be successful in certain situations, it can also unnecessarily complicate a divorce, elevating your fees. We know when to be aggressive and when to negotiate with your spouse or the opposing divorce attorney to optimize the outcome of your matter. Our lawyers and staff understand the unique aspects of the divorce process and offer you the necessary flexibility to arrive at the best outcome for your case.


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