Do I Need a Premarital Agreement?

by Dinnebier & Demmerle on April 1, 2014


The general public seems to think that only the Hollywood stars or mega-wealthy benefit from a Premarital Agreement.  This is not true. Think of a Premarital Agreement as a roadmap or insurance policy in the event that your marriage unfortunately ends in divorce.


Generally speaking, anyone who owns a business, home, or other assets that they want to protect in the event of a divorce can benefit from a Premarital Agreement.  Such an agreement can also potentially protect or limit someone’s exposure to pay spousal support. At a minimum, part of your engagement or wedding plans should include speaking with an attorney concerning the extent to which you can benefit from a Premarital Agreement.


We at Dinnebier and Demmerle are one of the few law firms in Orange County specializing in Premarital Agreements.  Please call us for further information.

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