Seeing Your California Divorce Or Child Custody Battle As Inspiration for Self-Improvement – Part VII

by Dinnebier & Demmerle on May 23, 2014

Orange County, Divorce

Self-improvement should be an ongoing quest. It is not a project that you do “just once” during your divorce. Rather, it is a way of life embodied by two basic principles:

1. Take action.

Science suggests that we regret what we don’t do much more than we regret terrible mistakes we make from taking action. Try things. Don’t be afraid to make your needs known. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone on a regular basis.

2. Get objective feedback and alter your action plan accordingly.

What’s working? What isn’t working? The answers to these questions will change, depending on your project or where you are in any process. Fast and frequent feedback can help you take advantage of what is working and stop wasting resources on what is not working. Feedback will ground your decisions in the real world. You want to be honest with yourself and not over-catastrophize or over-hype what’s going on your world.

For instance, as part of your self-improvement about your CA divorce, let’s say you decide to take a kick boxing class. It’s great that you are getting into action. But after a month, stop and assess how the class is making you feel. Are you are getting in shape? Do you like the people? Is it worth your time and money? If so, sign up for more lessons. If not, quit the class.

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