division of marital assets

Why “gray divorce” is booming

by Dinnebier & Demmerle on December 11, 2014

“Gray divorce” is a term that came into use n the early 21st century.  It refers to divorce among people aged 50 and over. Books and studies on the subject have been published, and according to the AARP, the rate of 50+ divorces appears to be increasing. Is grey divorce simply a function of the […]

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Defining My Divorce- Part 1

by Dinnebier & Demmerle on August 25, 2014

Net Worth and Divorce in California

To quote a very famous line from the classic nineteenth-century novel Anna Karenina, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”  Whether or not you are a fan of iconic Russian literature, you can recognize the truth in that statement.  And, when unhappiness leads to spouses or domestic partners […]

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