high net worth divorce

A high-profile divorce can impact many people

by Dinnebier & Demmerle on September 29, 2014

A high-profile divorce can impact more people than you imagine. For example, recently the news media reported preliminary details of a high-profile Chicago-based couple’s filing for divorce. That in itself is not particularly unusual, except that this couple is unusual: each spouse heads a hedge fund of their own, and together, they run a charitable […]

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You’ve filed for a California divorce. What happens next?

by Dinnebier & Demmerle on August 20, 2014

Orange County divorce lawyer

When a marriage is in turmoil, or at a more friendly parting of the ways, the decision to proceed with a divorce can be a huge step. That’s an affirmative move.  Even the actual filing can seem a tremendous milestone, so to speak.  That’s another move forward. So now, suppose you’ve taken those two big […]

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