Grandparents’ rights and DNA testing

by Dinnebier & Demmerle on December 16, 2014

Suppose a young man and woman who do not have an ongoing relationship conceive a child. The mother and her family are raising the child. The father has refused to begin a relationship or to even legally acknowledge the baby. However, his father, the child’s grandfather, wishes to establish a relationship with the child, including […]

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Children, divorce, and court appearances

by Dinnebier & Demmerle on December 9, 2014

California law recognizes that in some instances, a child or children must appear in court during divorce proceedings.  Sometimes they must even testify. However, state statutes describe in detail the rules and limitations regarding the treatment of child witnesses under the age of 14.  The well-being and safety of the child is foremost in such […]

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Grandparent rights in California

by Dinnebier & Demmerle on October 3, 2014

This post will address the “related” issue of grandparents’ rights in California.  You may remember that in a recent post we discussed the subject of paternity determination, and how that issue impacts divorce and fathers’ rights issues. Grandparents’ rights is a very real, legally defined arena in California. Grandparents may be concerned, when hearing about […]

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